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Make 2018 a year of adventure!

Time to take a look at N’JOY’s new experiences!

Active in six French regions, N’JOY designs and organizes a range of innovative activities for children aged 2 to 15. These make-believe adventures encourage early learning, a team spirit and creativity in every child. Through the enjoyment of play and new experiences, they learn about meaningful values such as protecting the environmenttolerance, team spirit, sharing and nonviolence.

 New individual adventures

  • N’JOY holidays can now be booked as a family weekend with accommodation, food and activities during the summer break. There are two themes to choose from: the School of Sorcery (for Harry Potter fans) and Medieval Camp (for aspiring knights and damsels)!

  • You can now register your children directly for a themed holiday. These five-day adventures feature fun workshops in immersive worlds. There are several sites to choose from with various accommodation ranging from tents to permanent structures so that every child can enjoy the holiday of their dreams.

New group adventures

  • GeoSafari: a treasure hunt similar to GeoPirates but suitable for younger children (aged 3-6). The idea is to track down safari animals using GPS. A great way to teach children about protecting wildlife while developing their sense of direction!

  • A new version of Hero’s Challenge: a quest to become the newest superhero with speed, memory, dexterity and reasoning challenges. It all takes place in a fantasy world with comet crystals as the prizes!
  • Labofolies: children carry out scientific experiments to save their teacher. Discover the benefits of science with a big dose of humour!
  • Three new NBI Forensics scenarios: solve an investigation using specialist techniques that develop your analytical skills, patience and powers of deduction!
  • Crazy Show: children take centre stage to express themselves and rise to a variety of challenges in a very friendly atmosphere, all broadcast on a giant screen. The memories of making this real TV programme will last a lifetime!
  • Storytime: in partnership with Joyvox, the ÏDKIDS community music label, you can choose from two different stories, The Bear and the Sun and Phantom of the Opera.
  • Medieval Epic: specially adapted for 8-to-12-year-olds, this adventure introduces children to the customs of the Middle Ages (dances, songs, sword fighting, calligraphy, conjuring tricks and more).

There are also two classic adventures to be (re)discovered 

Monstribilis: this team game for 3-to-8-year-olds is based on oral and physical expression workshops. Children must face up to their fears by tracking down monsters that have escaped from Pandora’s box!

Molecular cooking: an original cooking competition to prepare a banquet containing an astonishing mix of textures, flavours and colours to help 5-to-14-year-olds develop their creativity.

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