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Jacadi supports SOS Préma

A little goes a long way, especially in December. One example is a snuggly for newborns spending Christmas in hospital.

As part of its partnership with My Little Kids, Jacadi will spend time supporting the work of SOS Préma during the Christmas holidays. This charity is committed to improving the care of premature and newborn babies in hospital by supporting families, lobbying local authorities and engaging in dialogue with medical teams. It led a successful campaign to extend maternity leave for the mothers of premature babies in 2006.

As Charlotte Bouvard, the founder of SOS Préma, explained, “Premature babies are the smallest and most vulnerable members of our society. Like all children, they also represent our future. It is our duty to do all we can to help these children who are not born with the same chances as others. We need to redress the balance.

When you enter the code NOELMYLITTLE for every order you place on the Jacadi website, a snuggly will be given to a newborn baby who will spend Christmas in a neonatal ward. Offer a little comfort to a little one this Christmas!

Support SOS Préma

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