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INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Oxybul expands into Denmark at BabySam and into Greece at Leto

Oxybul has been successfully launched in two specialist retail chains. Interview with Emilie, international project manager.

Who is BabySam?

BabySam is both a network of 33 stores specializing in the early childhood market (0-5 years) spread all over Denmark and a comprehensive website. It offers everything new parents might need including clothing, babycare products, toys, furniture, home décor, food, nappies and toiletries! The chain is very well established in Denmark, having first appeared in the early childhood market in 1973.

How did BabySam come up with idea of selling Oxybul products?  

The project took 9 months to come to fruition; it didn’t happen overnight! They already sold 40 different brands of toys, but they were particularly interested in the Oxybul Talent brands.  They were impressed by our clear, easy-to-read packaging. Danish customers are very pragmatic and tend to buy things they immediately understand.

What does this Danish model offer Oxybul? au Danemark ? 

It raises the visibility of our Talent brands in Denmark while recognizing Oxybul as the brand’s creator. All our product ranges are included in the BabySam offering and the brand is working on a very well-considered merchandising campaign to promote them, which we are helping them with. 

It’s also very useful for Oxybul to see how its products are perceived in a different culture.

What has been the reaction of Danish parents?

BabySam staff have been very pleasantly surprised. One month after the Oxybul launch (in September 2019), it was their 4th best-selling toy range out of 40 competitor brands. This was followed by a significant increase in turnover and a net acceleration in December.

The early years segment (Sensibul and Manibul in particular) is the main driver, with arts and crafts (Artibul) also in a strong position (2nd best performer). The edutainment aspect of our games is very popular with parents.

Does the market have particular tastes? If so, what are they?

All our easy-to-understand games are performing exceptionally well. And because the staff play them themselves, sales of comparatively more complex products like board games are also increasing.

Are Oxybul products sold in any other overseas countries? If so, where?

Yes, we launched Oxybul in Leto stores in Greece based on the same model. It’s a chain of 17 department stores designed for new parents. We already know each other because they also sell Okaïdi products. 

 They trialled our Oxybul toys in one store on 19 December 2019 and our range immediately jumped into their top 5, tied with Fisher Price! So, we are already setting up a second store! Their website also sells Oxybul products, but it is too early to draw any conclusions. We don’t have enough feedback.

What’s next?

Our goals for 2020 are to sustain these two initial partnerships and find a new BabySam or Leto. Because of safety standards, Europe is our playing field.

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