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Make Someone Smile a resounding success with 122,000 red noses sold!

From 3 to 17 October 2017, Okaïdi-Obaïbi, Oxybul and Jacadi customers were able to buy a red nose for one euro to benefit the Fédération Française des Clowns Hospitaliers.

Last year thanks to the generosity of our customers and the efforts of ÏDKIDS staff – particularly the sales teams – 60,000 red noses were sold for charity.

This year the Make Someone Smile campaign went international. Twenty countries took part in total. This show of community strength produced an astonishing result: 122,000 red noses were sold, more than twice as many as last year!

Nothing to sniff at: 75,722 red noses sold in France.

  • 54,035 by Okaïdi.
  • 11,522 by Oxybul.
  • 1,876 by ÏDKIDS.
  • 8,289 by Jacadi.

As a result 37,860 euros was raised for the Fédération Française des Associations de Clowns Hospitaliers, an ÏDKIDS foundation partner. It brings together eight clown charities spread across France, the two main ones being Le Rire Médecin and Les Clowns de l’Espoir.

These donations will help the charities ensure more clowns visit hospitals than ever before. The clowns are all professionals with theatrical, clowning and medical training, and they help to make children smile again in difficult circumstances. The funds raised worldwide will be donated to local charities that help sick children in their country.

Because we also wanted children to be part of the campaign, special events were held on Wednesday 4 and 11 October in 20 Oxybul and ÏDKIDS stores to raise awareness of the role of hospital clowns. Volunteers from our partner charities took turns presenting their organizations to our customers and their children. The event featured creative workshops to help children understand the benefits of clowns in hospitals and create a clown or a smile and give it to one of their loved ones.

The success of this ÏDKIDS flagship project clearly demonstrates the effort made by the whole community (brands, customers, parents, children and staff) and shows that everyone can do their bit to act in the interest of children.

Parents, children and staff took photos of themselves with red noses individually and in groups and posted them on social media to raise the profile of the campaign. The result? Smiles all round and lots of fun photos published with the hashtags #ACTFORKIDS and #OFFRIRUNSOURIRE!

Together all this generosity will help put a smile back on the faces of children in hospital!

Find out more about the Fédération Française des Associations de Clowns Hospitaliers

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