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Mini-donation campaign expands in 2017

In 2016, the two mini-donation campaigns we ran in our stores raised 85,000 euros for charity. Following on from this success, the programme will run again in spring. 

Since 2015 it has been held twice a year – in spring and during the Christmas holiday period. The Okaïdi, ÏDKIDS and Jacadi brands all take part. In 2016 the community initiative was also adopted by stores in Belgium. This year Italy and Germany will join the fold. During the campaign, customers are asked to round up their total spend to the nearest euro to support charities that help educate vulnerable children. All of the funds raised are donated to charities. 

  • ÏDKIDS and Okaïdi ran their campaigns from 18 April to 21 May to benefit Sport dans la Ville, a French sports charity helping 6,000 young people to integrate socially and in the workplace, and Ensemble pour l’Éducation, which responds to the educational challenges in today’s society and makes early childhood a priority area to help reduce inequality.
  • Jacadi ran its campaign from 15 May to 11 June to benefit SOS Children’s Villages. Active in 134 countries, the charity works tirelessly to protect children’s basic rights, mainly by developing a range of community-based programmes. Thanks to the donations it received, it was able to build and open a 15th children’s village in Charentes-Maritime. 

Impact of the campaigns in France:

  • 37,493 euros raised through Okaïdi mini-donations from 193,834 customers. 
  • 1,664 euros donated by 13,975 customers in ÏDKIDS stores.
  • 26,718 euros raised from 9,287 donations in Jacadi stores.

And abroad:

  • In Italy: 114,235 donations raised 49,296 euros for the Dynamo Camp charity which provides post-hospital care for children aged 6 to 17 with acute and chronic illnesses. 
  • In Germany: 13,304 customers helped raise 4,944 euros for the Kinder in Not e.V. charity which helps children in need in developing countries. The next campaign will run in November. 

This community initiative has grown substantially over the years and now involves more ÏDKIDS community brands than ever with donations constantly increasing. The mini-donation campaign involves all members of the ÏDKIDS community. It is run by the foundation and members of staff. The sales teams are on the front line, advising customers and promoting the campaign. Most important of all, the generosity of our customers means that charities can undertake important work in line with our brands’ values.  

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