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ÏDKIDS employees help out at France Parrainages

On 25 November the ÏDKIDS international accounts team helped sort through clothes for a big community sale.

In France one in five children is considered to be emotionally or socially vulnerable. To help these children with troubled families to flourish and build their future, the charity France Parrainages set up a community sponsorship scheme. Volunteers regularly take these children in their own families. They build a special relationship which is vital to their sense of accomplishment, providing both learning and emotional support. The charity is located in Paris but has a number of satellite offices, including one in Lille supporting more than 200 children and teenagers (aged 2 to 18) in vulnerable situations.

One of the sponsors is Gilles, a former ÏDKIDS market manager, who had the idea of holding a community sale and donating the profits to the charity to fund its activities. He wasted no time rolling up his sleeves! So ÏDKIDS stepped forward with a clothing donation made up of unsold ÏDTROCS surplus/sample stock. Other retail outlets (clothing and garden equipment) followed suit, with the total reaching several thousand items!

Gilles and Cindy (another sponsor and a management controller) suggested our employees get involved in this great community event. The entire international accounts team helped sort through the donations in a warehouse in Roncq, about 15km from Lille. On 8 February more of the community’s employees joined them for this worthy cause.

The sale will be held on 25 and 26 May in the Salle Lefebvre in Bondues (5km from the centre of Greater Lille). Let’s hope for record crowds!

The event on video 

Gilles, one of the charity’s sponsors, had this to say:

“I found out about France Parrainages when I was looking to become one of the foundation’s ambassadors. I wanted to help children, and this charity helps very vulnerable children in our own neighbourhood. Two years ago I took part in a community sale to raise money for the charity Les Clowns de l’Espoir, so I stole this great idea! All the volunteers had a very enjoyable and productive day. We made good progress sorting the clothing and getting ready for the sale. That was the first step! Being a volunteer is all about doing your bit to indirectly help children in need. It’s also about getting to know the charity and helping to recruit sponsors for the children. And the sponsors are more than welcome to take part in the sale. We would be nowhere without our volunteers.”

We also spoke to Cindy, another of the charity’s sponsors:

“I’ve been working in purchasing management control for almost two years now. When Gilles retired, I decided to take up his mantle and represent this great charity within ÏDKIDS. I was drawn to the project and the idea of sponsoring children from our local neighbourhood, which was knew to me. I think it’s terrific that people take the time to support vulnerable children and help them grow into well-rounded adults with the hope of a brighter future. It’s an incredible journey that helps these children grow in confidence. I’d like to thank all the volunteers who are helping to make this sale a success. Their commitment is paramount. Every little bit of help, no matter what, is an additional boost to the charity’s work with the children of this region. As for the sponsors, I am filled with admiration for what they do for these children. They take them under their wing as if they were part of their own family and give of themselves to support them on a daily basis.”

Read about Christine, a teacher and sponsor of Doria, aged 7

More about France Parrainages: the leading community sponsorship charity in France, France Parrainages consists of a network of satellite offices and partner charities and supports hundreds of children all over the country. Its main objectives are to support children and their families on a long-term basis, respect the role of parents, support sponsors in their work, and make sure sponsorship runs smoothly.

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