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IKIGAÏ rewarded by the ÏDKIDS foundation at the Springboard Awards!

Find out more about the winners of the Let’s Innovate for Education Springboard Awards, chosen by a panel of experts, and the ÏDKIDS foundation prizewinner!

On 25 November the charity Chemins d’Enfances and the SEVE Foundation selected the winners of the 3rd Let’s Innovate for Education Springboard Awards at the Domaine de Longchamp under the name “Growing up differently: new educational strategies for a changing world”. There was a record attendance at this event with over 500 children, education professionals and charities all gathered in the magnificent setting of the GoodPlanet Foundation to discover innovative projects aimed at teaching children to live together and learn to be.

The day was packed with fun, educational and celebratory activities such as the N’Joy workshop T’es Cap le Handicap and a performance by the group We Are World Citizens.

A panel of experts selected the most innovative and inspiring projects from a shortlist of fifteen chosen by ÏDKIDS employees. Each prizewinner was awarded 3,000 euros and promised help and support to implement their project. Meet the prizewinners!

  • In the Citizenship and Solidarity category: a “learning pathway” project by Collège Louis-Philippe to create responsible, independent and united pupils who make decisions about their own education. The concept involves motivating pupils, making them active participants in their own education and fostering their independence in a mutually supportive environment using an interdisciplinary, cross-cycle tool. Taking into account their strengths and weaknesses, students select their preferred learning pathway. Seven hundred children have already benefited from learning this way at their own pace.
  • In the Peace Education category: “talent reveal” workshops by the charity Ce Que Je Veux Faire Plus Tard. The aim is to prevent children dropping out of school, as 150,000 do in France each year. Children struggling at school regain their confidence through theatre, creative expression and debating workshops. After identifying their underlying motivations, they can reconnect with their dream and develop a career plan. The key to this is better understanding themselves and others. This project was also voted the people’s favourite.
  • In the Media and Information Education category: media education workshops by the charity Entre Les Lignes. The initiative consists of 85 journalists from Le Monde and the AFP speaking at classrooms alongside teachers to communicate and develop the skills and tools needed to critically evaluate information, the Internet and images. The aim is to help produce enlightened citizens of the future. Already 170 sessions are in the works.
  • The ÏDKIDS foundation awarded the prize for its favourite project to Les Petites Ecoles pour Tous which promotes and supports schooling for children with learning and/or social development disorders. It does this by creating inclusive, customized, educational and fun workshops

    so that neurotypical and neuroatypical children (mainly those with autism spectrum disorder) can get to know each other. This financial boost from the foundation will help them increase the number of workshops so more children can benefit. After all, the strength of a community is measured by the wellbeing of its weakest members.

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