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Buy a red nose and make someone smile!

From 3 to 17 October, Okaïdi-Obaïbi, Oxybul and Jacadi will give their customers the opportunity to support a children’s charity by buying a red nose in store for one euro.

All year round ÏDKIDS brands take part in responsible community initiatives for and with children and encourage their customers to do the same.

The Make Someone Smile campaign is very much in this vein with all of the profits raised from the sale of the red noses donated to the Fédération Française des Associations de Clowns Hospitaliers, a partner of the ÏDKIDS foundation. In France, one in every two children is hospitalized at least once by the age of 15. This can be a traumatic experience for them and their loved ones.

The funny antics of the hospital clowns help them to relax and smile again at this difficult time. The clowns are all professionals with theatrical, clowning and medical training.

The federation is made up of 12 charities, including Le Rire Médecin and Les Clowns de l’Espoir. All of the brands in the ÏDKIDS community are taking part in this great project to raise money for the foundation, and their sales teams are on the front line to ensure its success. This campaign is an excellent example of the uplifting corporate culture within ÏDKIDS.

Our teams are guided by the principle of SHERBET (Smile, Hello, Eye contact, Respect, Bye, Enfant, Thank you). This positive and generous attitude demonstrates that smiles really do light up our lives. Even our logo depicts a smile and a red nose as a visual reminder! On 7 October (World Smile Day) our employees will be more determined than ever to do everything they can to make children smile.

For this second event, the campaign will be launched worldwide. It’s a wonderful example of what people power can achieve!

  • OkaïdiObaïbi: South Africa, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Guadeloupe, Réunion, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Martinique, Panama, Saint Martin, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada and Poland.
  • Jacadi: Germany and Italy.

Profits from the sale of red noses abroad will be donated to local charities chosen by the ÏDKIDS foundation.

On the Wednesday afternoons of 4 and 11 October, clowns and volunteers from the charities will be at 20 Oxybul and ÏDKIDS stores to hold children’s workshops.

The aim of these workshops is to talk to children about the benefits of clowns in hospitals and ask them to create a clown or a smile and give it to one of their loved ones. You can also take part in this community event on the brands’ websites. More than 60,000 red noses were sold in 2016. Are you ready to beat the record?

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