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Stepping up with practical Okaïdi shoes

A closer look at a “Good ÏD” by Okaïdi to help children put on their shoes themselves. 

Okaïdi is committed to designing modern, wearable and hard-wearing collections suitable for all ages and every stage in a child’s life. Available in sizes 25 to 38, Okaïdi shoes are designed for each stage of a child’s development. For example, you can opt for Velcro or buckles instead of laces to foster independence. 

When one of the brand’s market managers noticed that her son was having trouble putting his shoes on properly, she had a flash of inspiration: why not print half a character on each insole so a child can tell which shoe goes on which foot by matching the two halves? 

This clever little print will help children to be more independent — and start school on the right foot!

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