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Italy’s first mini-donation campaign raises almost 50,000 euros

Mini-donation drives, which have been successfully running in Okaïdi and ÏDKIDS stores in France since 2015, have now expanded internationally.

What connects holidays for seriously ill children who need a break from their daily routine with a simple purchase at an Okaïdi store? Mini-donations!

During the campaign, customers are asked to round up their total spend to the nearest euro to support charities that help educate vulnerable children. All of the money raised is donated to charity.

The idea was launched in France, followed by Belgium in 2016. Then it was the turn of German and Italian stores to show their solidarity.

The initial campaign in Italy was a resounding success for the country’s Okaïdi stores. More than 400 employees from 86 stores were involved in the drive, which ran from 18 April to 21 May.

The results speak for themselves with 114,235 customers taking part in the campaign. Thanks to their generosity, 49,296 euros were raised for Dynamo Camp Onlus.

Dynamo Camp provides holidays for acutely and chronically ill children aged 6 to 17 when they come out of hospital. The foundation seeks to give these children an opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves in a holiday setting. This helps to build their confidence in their abilities and potential and puts a smile back on their faces.

The enthusiasm displayed by our Italian teams in promoting the campaign and the generosity of our customers were key to the success of this community initiative.

Nunzia, head of corporate donor relations at Dynamo Camp, had this to say: “All of the money raised by mini-donations will be used to fund therapeutic recreational activities. Every year Dynamo Camp gives hundreds of young people the chance to just be children. First-class medical services and facilities specially designed for the camp allow them to make new friends in a safe environment. They learn how to face up to their problems by focusing on their abilities instead of on the restrictions imposed by their illness. It’s an emotional experience full of fun, laughter, support and new challenges. It encourages the children to make friends with each other and the staff in a open and positive way without fear of judgement.

Our therapeutic recreational activities help them discover their potential and new ways of learning. The benefits are long term and improve their ability to cope with their illness. Each camp activity is seen as a personal challenge to be overcome in a constructive, noncompetitive atmosphere. The young people can develop at their own pace and choose how involved they want to be in each activity (for example, acting on stage or working behind the scenes). Their success is down to their own individual determination and the support of the group.

When the activities are over they have time to think about how they successfully achieved their goals during group discussions, through a chat with a camp leader or by writing down their thoughts in a camp log. This process helps them discover abilities they never knew they had, boost their self-confidence and meet new challenges in the future.

The activities on offer are tailored to the children’s specific needs and are closely monitored and supervised by qualified staff. It’s a balanced programme of group and individual activities to help foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual support.”

Watch how Marina, aged 8, got on at Dynamo Camp Onlus

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