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ÏDKIDS employees work with Dons Solidaires to help vulnerable children

On 25 January 2017, the ÏDKIDS France retail team organized a relationship-building day at the Dons Solidaires warehouse.

For the past 10 years the ÏDKIDS corporate foundation has aided vulnerable families by donating clothing, books, toys and games in partnership with Dons Solidaires. The charity acts as a logistics platform by reclaiming unsold stock from companies and distributing it to other charities and people in need.

ÏDKIDS employees have been offering their services to the charity over the last five years to help expand its reach.

This year 36 members of ÏDKIDS retail teams prepared 300 back to school kits for children helped by charities all over France. The volunteers sorted items such as pens, felt tips and erasers before packing them into boxes for shipment.

  •  “A great example of how people can work happily together with energy and enthusiasm. And living proof of our commitment to helping others!” Nathalie Gentile Martin, Eastern France area manager.

Regional managers also enjoyed the group solidarity day:

  • Maryse: By the end of the day I could see a playground in my head, full of children’s smiles and laughter. Thank you for this fantastic gift.
  • Marion:A day filled with sharing, mutual support and good humour. It was a real pleasure to play an active role in our HESSERBracC commitment.
  • Frédérique:I would love my sales teams to experience a day like this. It was a really nice surprise, and I’ll look at ‘back to school’ differently this year!

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