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Orientation day for Okaïdi and Jacadi employees in Bologna, Italy

On 12 April 2018 staff from ÏDKIDS head office organized a training day for 33 Okaïdi and 6 Jacadi store managers.

Staff from ÏDKIDS head office in Roubaix continued their world tour to integrate its international employees into the ÏDKIDS community and share its philosophy and goals. From Shanghai in February to Bologna!

Topics included:

  • How it all began: the ÏDKIDS community is a dynamic family group with a long history in the Hauts-de France region.
  • What We Act For Kids is all about: “Working to make a better world for growing children”.
  • The cultural platform and commitments made by each of the community’s brands.
  • And preparing everyone for the challenges ahead in the next 20 years!

Following the presentations a series of group workshops was held in which participants gave their feedback and discussed the key messages and how best to convey them to their teams.

Some thoughts from our Italian colleagues

Anna, Italy retail coordinator: “A fantastic, energy-filled day! Our We Act For Kids ethos is making an impact through the people and brands in the community. Thank you to the presenters for all the interesting information!”

Katia, Okaïdi training coordinator: “I was looking forward to the orientation day to learn more about our brands’ shared goals and the company’s vision. After two great days together I am more convinced than ever that we are all working towards the same objectives and share a common goal while remaining true to our roots. Our passion for our work, enthusiasm, sense of belonging and brand commitments are all things that make us feel fulfilled and part of a community!”

Angela, Okaïdi Perugia store manager: “This was more than just a great training day with well-run workshops. After just over a year, I can finally say that I feel like a fully-fledged member of this fantastic family. We really enjoyed the time we spent together talking, sharing and making new friends. I’m proud to work with such great people. My aim now is to pass on this energy and new knowledge to the staff in my store.”

Alessia, Jacadi store manager and trainer: “The day was full of positive energy. It really made us feel part of the community and helped us get to know our colleagues better and understand the other brands. The message I want to hold on to and pass on to the staff in my store is that we are part of an amazing company that’s strong and real. A company with genuine values that it shares with its customers and leverages to come up with great projects. A company that’s like a family with strong roots that help us believe we can build a better world.”

Serena, Jacadi Orio al Serio store manager: “What I’ll remember most is the passion shared by each of my colleagues and their desire to love what they do and give the best of themselves every day. The workshops gave me the opportunity to improve and hear positive messages I can share with my team. I’m really happy to be part of a large company whose mission is to help children develop and grow.”

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