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A closer look at a recruitment session for the new ÏDKIDS logistics hub

The new warehouse in Dagneux will create 50 new jobs. The first stage of the recruitment process was held on 9 January.

To support the growth of the Okaïdi brand, an 18,000 sqm ÏDKIDS LOGISTICS platform was established at the beginning of the year in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. This new centre will help to ensure better inventory management for Okaïdi stores in southern Europe, shorter delivery lead times and a reduced carbon footprint by saving fuel on the last few kilometres of the journey which are thought to be the most energy-intensive.

Our recruitment policy is to support economic development in the region by prioritizing the recruitment of locals while embracing diversity.

With this in mind, a recruitment day was organized at the beginning of January in partnership with the public employment service. A plenary session was held for 60 candidates in the morning and around 40 in the afternoon at which they listened to a presentation on the ÏDKIDS community and were interviewed separately. The two main roles on offer were order picker and forklift operator. Antoine Bricout, supply chain manager, and Emanuelle Blomme, HR developer, were there to welcome the candidates. The stand-out applicants were extremely motivated and identified fully with our progressive approach and values.

Interesting meetings and positive feelings about the opening of the new centre made this a memorable day topped off with the recruitment of 12 new employees! They started work at Dagneux on 2 February and were trained by ÏDKIDS staff from the warehouse in Leers near Roubaix. We welcome them and wish them an exciting future!

The next recruitment wave is planned for later in the year and will bring the total number of staff in the centre to 40 by the end of 2018. Following the third recruitment phase, there will be 50 employees working at the ÏDKIDS.LOGISTICS hub in Dagneux by 2020.

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