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Storage platforms: recycling in the spotlight

ÏDKIDS is committed to promoting environmentally-friendly initiatives and habits to benefit future generations. The group’s brand logistics arm is working to reduce its environmental impact and preserve natural resources.

ÏDKIDS has invested over 20 million euros in a 16,000 sqm logistics platform with HQE (high environmental quality) certification. Located in Leers near Roubaix in northern France, it is a benchmark for high environmental standards.

Almost 50 million Okaïdi and Obaïbi items are handled there each year, and more than 90% of the waste produced and received (mainly cardboard boxes) is recycled. A waste reduction and upcycling programme was also set up for the Oxybul and Jacadi platform located in Dourges. A maximum amount of material is recycled, including paper/cardboard, plastic, scrap metal and wood.

This initiative actively contributes to sustainable development by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint). Recycling gives materials a second life.

  • Paper and cardboard can be recycled to produce more paper and cardboard, shoe boxes and egg boxes.
  • Plastic can be recycled to produce fleeces, filling for duvets and pillows, rugs, garden furniture, pipes, dustbins, pens and more.
  • Scrap metal can be recycled into items such as cans, car parts, household appliances and pétanque balls.
  • As for wood, it is turned into particle board or used for heating. Wood heating emits 28 times less carbon dioxide than oil heating with the same energy consumption.

A few figures. The following were recycled in 2016:

  • 127 tonnes of paper and cardboard in Dourges and 800 tonnes in Leers.
  • 1.2 tonnes of wood in Dourges and 13 tonnes in Leers.
  • 17.1 tonnes of plastic and 12.52 tonnes of scrap metal in Dourges.
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