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BACKSTAGE: “We’re continually working on our newsletters, but we really enjoy them!”

Déborah, Jacadi Marketing & Communication Director, talks about this customer-focused initiative and how her team pulls it all together.


What has Jacadi developed for its customers during these unusual times?

The most important thing for us to stay connected and show our customers that we’re there for them: to be part of their everyday lives. We launched two newsletters every week in France, with international issues when the content is relevant.

Our aim with these newsletters is to stay true to our brand: culture, family values, French heritage, Paris and elegance. We also draw inspiration from our collection: our key pieces, our prints, our themes.

We want it to be “practical” as well: our colouring pages can be traced from the computer for anyone without a printer!

We’ve created an activity “in instalments”: we’ve designed a map of Paris cut into A4-size colouring pages – the same that is used in certain stores’ decorations. We slip in a special story from time to time, always connected to the newsletter’s theme (a closer look at the Opéra Garnier when we talk about dance, or on the Musée d’Orsay tied to a painting theme, etc.) Over the weeks, our customers will be able to create one giant fresco.

How have customers reacted to the initiative?

They love it! Some have even asked for the rest of the Paris map pieces. One mum even asked to receive the illustrations by post! Overall, the French version has been sent out to 230,000 customers and we’re seeing excellent open rates. Our customers are extremely reactive: that’s encouraging us to continue. Social media is posting great numbers too.

“Our customers are extremely reactive: that’s encouraging us to continue.”

How do you organise the work with your reduced teams?

We created a “commando” group: Lucia, in communication, works on content, writes and produces, and does all the tutorials because she’s really creative. She even tests out the workshops with her daughter the weekend before they’re published! Delphine, our Community Manager, handles social media. And Angélique, who runs the studio, liaises with the Artistic Director. Keeping those involved who usually develop the brand image guarantees consistency at all times. It’s intense, we’re continually working on them, but we really enjoy them.

Do you have a tool or a method that helps you communicate well with the other teams?

We keep everything centralised: the working document, approvals, feedback, revisions and archives. Everyone works from that, whether in-house, the studio, or those in charge of translations. We also add the stats from the newsletter and social media. This keeps us organised. And Google Slides helps a lot. We can see right away if someone is working on it: we know can discuss something without bothering them.

What has this situation forced you to change that you plan to keep doing going forward?

We were looking for a way to be more consistent with our loyalty programme. We’re going to keep the initiative in our loyalty programme, probably on a monthly basis.

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