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How Oxybul is awakening the maker spirit in little ones

While the ÏDKIDS community brands get busy at Maker Faire Lille, Anne Fauveau, product manager at Oxybul, talks about the importance of encouraging children to be creative.

DIY has become a phenomenon in today’s society. Not only does it tap into your creativity, but it is also environmentally-friendly as it reuses materials and objects in a different way. By creating original, personalized objects that mean something, homemade has become an alternative to mass consumption.

This trend gives children the opportunity to develop many different talents, including imagination, creativity and self-confidence. So Oxybul created two new ranges – Artibul and Buildibul – to inspire budding designers and builders.

These toys encourage children to spend time together, be curious, imagine, invent, experiment, build and dream, because it’s never too early for them to want to make a difference!

The Artibul range lets children unleash their creativity

Its creative activities come with a wide variety of tools that children can use to explore materials and textures, refine their movements and set their creativity free to express their personality. The products are tailored to little ones to encourage them to be fully absorbed in what they’re doing while developing their skills. There are multiple colours, textures and shapes (solid poster paints, pens, gels and wax crayons) that can be used directly with fingers or with our user-friendly, textured tools (paint stamps) to make experimenting lots of fun. Great care is taken with the quality of the materials so that the results look good. This is important so that children feel proud of their work and develop their confidence. Each set comes with simple instructions to help children create something meaningful.

Some key products

  • Alphabet beads: these stringable beads help develop children’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination and ability to judge the distance between the objects to be threaded and the thread. A must-have for refining movements and stimulating creativity.
  • Jumbo pipe cleaners: an original and creative way to make animals, people and shapes. Being able to design and make whatever they want helps children develop their self-esteem, with an end result they can keep or give as a gift!
  • Solid paint stick: drawing and painting improve concentration and fine motor skills. They are a great way for children to express themselves and communicate that sometimes develops before spoken language.


Children can also boost their dexterity and ingenuity with the Buildbul range

These construction toys are designed to improve accuracy, patience and thinking skills. For little ones, opt for sets with larger pieces that are easier for them to hold. Gradually children are able to create more complex constructions as they develop dexterity and deduction skills. They can successfully create something different at each stage of their development, which builds their confidence. Each toy can be built in multiple ways, with or without a template, to encourage freedom of expression. Some key products

  • Construction straws for creating people, houses, buildings and more. Children can hone their dexterity and inventiveness building things out of these easy-to-hold pieces.
  • Giant build-it robot: a construction toy with nuts and bolts for making models (a lorry, shopping cart, dog) or giving free rein to one’s imagination.
  • Build-it vehicles for creating a dream car while developing ingenuity, accuracy and patience!

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