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SHERBET, a positive and generous attitude!

We wanted to take advantage of World Smile Day on 5 October to showcase the cornerstone of our community: SHERBET! Smile, Hello, Eye contact, Regard, Bye, Enfant, Thank you. These words are the epitome of our corporate culture.

Being part of the ÏDKIDS community is all about adopting an attitude that puts people at the heart of relationships. And because we truly believe that all positive relationships start with a smile, SHERBET has become our watchword. It forms the basis of We Act For Kids and is reflected in our logo with its smile and red nose! 

Why did we choose a smile? How have we made SHERBET part of our daily lives? How can we help it to spread internationally? How do we hold onto this positive energy? Find out what our managers and employees had to say! This attitude extends far beyond our employees. Through our brands we are bringing people together, encouraging them to act and helping every stakeholder in the community — customers, children, parents, grandparents, partners and charities — to work together for We Act For Kids!  

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