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Brand Manager Training

In May, 23 Okaïdi representatives from 14 countries took part in their second training session

International partners from the ÏDKIDS community gathered at group head office in Roubaix for the launch of the Winter 2017 collection. Twenty-three Okaïdi representatives from 14 countries (Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Malta, Morocco, the Gulf states, Uzbekistan, Slovenia, Croatia and Ukraine) took part in a bespoke training day. A presentation of new merchandising tools, workshops on applying the brand’s values and exercises on what it means to be an ÏDKIDS manager were all on the agenda.

The aims of the training day were to:

  • Communicate the true meaning of We Act For Kids and cultural awareness by talking about what the initiative represents, coming together to support it and embodying the group’s values.
  • Develop employees’ autonomy and ability to work as a team in a sustainable way, e.g. setting targets, encouraging initiative-taking and motivating the group.
  • Develop aptitudes and build confidence by recruiting talented individuals, supporting employees, promoting integration and helping staff grow.

The training day was a great opportunity to share and to build intercultural relationships while focusing on the group’s values. The managers were able to discuss how best to embody the twelve ÏDKIDS values on a daily basis and communicate them to staff.

Some impressions of the training workshops:

Timothée, area manager:

“For the last few years we have timed our partner training to coincide with the launch of a new collection. This training is more important than ever as some of our partners work with more than one brand. We base these training sessions on the same programmes we use for our in-store teams, such as an introduction to the warehouse environment and recruitment training in December 2016, and the ÏDKIDS merchandising and management training in May. Sharing information and interacting with the other participants ensures that each member of the network gets the same message and moves forward at the same pace. This means that our customers enjoy the same experience wherever they are. These training courses also ensure that the brand image endures and evolves in the same way in every country, reflecting our shared experience. Sharing best practice is what our partners have now come to expect from these events.”

Tina, brand manager (Slovenia)

“The training course was very interesting and gave us a much deeper understanding of the Okaïdi brand. There was time to reflect on what we had learned and assimilate the brand’s key values and differentiating factors. The aim wasn’t just to get better at our jobs; it was also an opportunity to consider and understand the brand’s strengths. I enjoyed taking part in the different types of activities. They gave me new ideas about how to motivate my staff and help them understand the Okaïdi brand so they can communicate this vision to our customers. The information on merchandising was also useful. Thank you very much!”

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