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Two Mobility Challenge trophies for ÏDKIDS!

From 18 to 23 September ÏDKIDS teams from Roubaix, Lille, Leers and Dourges in the Hauts-de-France region took part in a Regional Mobility Challenge. Let’s take a closer look at this relationship-building environmental initiative!

A free regional event held to coincide with European Mobility and Road Safety Week, the Mobility Challenge is open to all public and private entities in Hauts-de-France with over ten employees. In its third year in 2017 it was organized by the regional office of the French environment and energy agency (ADEME), the Hauts-de-France Region, Greater Lille, the Lille chamber of commerce and the charity Réseau Alliances. More than 100 firms from all over the region took part.

A bit of background: residents of the Hauts-de-France region each travel about 23km a day. Most people drive their own car to work. This has a massive impact on the environment and personal budgets. The challenge was an excellent opportunity to encourage the group’s employees to embrace sustainable mobility by trying out different modes of transport for their daily commute such as walking, cycling, carpooling, scootering, working from home, using public transport, or anything else that might inspire them to change their behaviour.

ÏDKIDS staff were kept busy all week long with:

  • A Transpole and SNCF stand giving information on public transport fares, journey times and stations in the region.
  • A presentation by Cmabulle, an ÏDKIDS member that provides a journey-sharing service for children.
  • The launch of a new intercompany carpooling website – good for making new friends and helping the environment!
  • A 10km bike ride. Staff, residents and councillors all got on their bikes and did their bit. The convivial spin managed to squeeze in a few cultural stops along the way such as La Piscine Museum, Colisée, Parc Barbieux and Couvent des Clarisses. It was the perfect way to get to know the city – and one’s neighbours!

At the last event staff from the ÏDKIDS community offices in Lille and Roubaix and from the warehouses in Leers and Dourges finished in 8th place in the cycling challenge.

On the morning of 19 October at the chamber of commerce the challenge prizes were presented at the 11th World Forum for a Responsible Economy in Lille. Among the hundred or so entities taking part, about 20 won prizes in various fields such as carpooling, public transport, active modes of transport and teleworking. The event was an opportunity to find out who had won in 2017, share best practice and meet the prizewinners.

The 60 ÏDKIDS staff who took part managed to accumulate almost 3,000km in a week using alternative modes of transport to the car. That’s a lot less pollution! They were awarded the Greatest Distance Carpooled and Jury’s Favourite prizes for their team effort carpooling with Damartex, another “proudly northern” clothing group also based in Roubaix. Find out more about the Mobility Challenge

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