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Okaïdi opens its first two stores in Japan!

Two new Okaïdi stores opened their doors in Japanese shopping centres in April: Aeon Mall Makuhari Shintoshin and Aeon Mall Laketown Mori.

Now active in 60 countries, Okaïdi has 787 stores and 3 retail websites. In Asia, the story began in China.

In 2016 “Good ÏD” decided to launch its brand in the land of the rising sun, the second largest childrenswear market in Asia.  The first two Okaïdi stores in Japan opened in April 2017: Makuhari on the 10th and Mori (Koshigaya Laketown) on the 14th.

They are both located in shopping centres in urban Tokyo and closely follow the French concept. Makuhari is 190 square metres in size and Mori is 130 square metres. 

New customers were quickly won over by Okaïdi’s and Obaïbi’s French flair as well as the quality, style and price of the products and the store concept. 

The goal in the short term is to continue this successful launch by growing Okaïdi’s reputation and in the long term to bring other brands from the ÏDKIDS community to Japan.

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