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ÏDKIDS takes part in European Disability Employment Week

The 21st European Disability Employment Week (EDEW) will run from 13 to 19 November 2017. To mark the occasion, ÏDKIDS is organizing an awareness day at its head office.

“Welcome: embrace diversity” is one of the twelve values that guide the work of the ÏDKIDS community. This cultural diversity is designed to be mutually enriching and can be seen in our HR practices, our management methods, our product selection, our crèches, and everything we do.

Disability occupies our minds on a daily basis in two respects:

  • How can we change the way people see disability within and outside of the company?
  • How can we accommodate, integrate and support people with disabilities within the company?

To shine a light on these questions and raise awareness among our employees, a special event will be held on 14 November at the ÏDKIDS head office in Roubaix.

Among the highlights:

  • A presentation by Handeco and APF of their work with organizations that help people with disabilities reintegrate the workplace or find employment in firms that specifically cater to workers with disabilities.
  • Round tables on Okaïdi-Obaïbi and Oxybul products suitable for children with disabilities.
  • A presentation of Picto Travel, an app designed to boost the independence of people with reduced mobility by providing information on the accessibility of places they want to visit.
  • An assessment of the key disability-friendly initiatives driven by the ÏDKIDS community, including the Rigolo Comme La Vie – Noémi crèche which welcomes children with multiple disabilities, a selection of Oxybul products designed for children with a mental and/or physical disability, and a section of Bubble Mag dedicated to the subject.
  • Launch of a series of information sessions led by the representative of a firm that specializes in helping people with disabilities find work called Made in TH. They will be held twice a month at the group’s head office to provide information and advice for interested employees.

More information on European Disability Employment Week: To coincide with the 21st European Disability Employment Week on 13-19 November 2017, Agefiph is organizing several events in Paris and across France aimed at helping people with disabilities into the workplace. The charity is inviting different audiences (e.g. people with disabilities, companies, professionals and organizations) to information sessions to talk about effective employment solutions for the future. A high turnout would send a positive message to people with disabilities looking for work by making progress happen.

More information on Agefiph’s “Employment and Disability” website

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