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Rigolo Comme La Vie provides a window into life in its crèches with its “Parent Area” app

More than two years ago, the Rigolo Comme La Vie crèche network replaced the traditional “daily diary” with a secure web and mobile app—the Parent Area—allowing parents to see photo highlights of their child’s day at the crèche. And it was a great success!

The childcare professionals at Rigolo Comme La Vie are acutely aware of the need to maintain strong ties with each child’s family. In addition to the shared time spent communicating with their children in the mornings and evenings, parents (and staff!) have embraced the Parent Area, an app developed in partnership with Kidizz App.

This app gives parents a daily insight into their children’s lives at the crèche and their development. Each child has a personal album accessible only by their family. Crèche staff regularly update each album with photo highlights, new discoveries and meaningful experiences.

At the end of each week, they also share a news feed featuring photo highlights of the children as a group, e.g. a workshop, birthday or celebration.

Almost 3,000 families are using the app, so there’s no need to wait for the holidays for an update. Parents can also share their album access code with members of their wider family, so they can follow their little one’s progress remotely.

Céline, mum to Basile, 20 months

“The app lets me follow Basile’s life at the crèche and watch him develop. It has all the important information I need.

I also like the educational side of it: every week they share a new sign from the baby sign language they teach.

I often look at the photos with my son and he tells me all about his adventures!”

Marine, mum to Suzanne, 9 months

” When you’re a working mum, you often feel like you’re missing out on moments in your child’s life. This app helps you be part of the those little moments you’re missing. It’s a great link between the crèche and the family.  

When I use the app, I feel like a little mouse peeping around the door to see what the children are doing.  

Look, it’s lunchtime—I wonder what Suzanne’s having today? I know, let me quickly check the weekly menu!

Oh, she’s having fun with those little cars!

You can also share the app with other members of your family; her grandparents don’t live in the area, so they love being part of their granddaughter’s life at the crèche! It lifts your spirits every time you receive a new notification!”

More informations? https://www.rigolocommelavie.org/

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