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Okaïdi: a closer look at Cordura® Denim

Okaïdi has added elasticity to Cordura®, a fabric renowned for its robustness, to create hard-wearing jeans with maximum stretch.

The brand is committed to creating modern, ergonomic, durable collections that offer independence, comfort and freedom of movement for children of all ages.

  • What is Cordura®?

A hard-wearing fabric resistant to scuffs and tears, usually used for outdoor and protective clothing (e.g. biker clothing). Cordura® is a registered trademark. In an innovative twist, Okaïdi incorporates spandex (lycra) to make its jeans even more durable, stretchy and comfortable.

  • Laboratory tested

The fabric and products made from it are subjected to Martindale testing, which tests abrasion resistance. A specially designed machine continuously rubs the fabric with glass paper until it tears. Fabric that withstands less than 20,000 cycles is very bad quality, and any fabric that withstands over 50,000 cycles is considered hard-wearing.

Okaïdi garments withstand up to 100,000 cycles! This good ÏD will give children freedom of movement, optimal comfort and jeans that will cope with their energetic play for longer. Yet another way to be sustainable. Boys’ styles are already in store, and Cordura® Denim will be available for girls in time for back-to-school 2017.


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