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Oxybul smart products accredited by La French Tech

Oxybul has teamed up with La French Tech to promote smart toys designed and developed by French startups, giving a boost to French know-how.

This year Oxybul decided to start selling smart products for children. To pursue its goal of promoting French creativity, La French Tech – a collective brand adding value to French startups in France and abroad – proved to be a useful springboard. The aim of La French Tech is to turn France into a leading startup nation by creating a collective dynamic. Tomorrow’s startups will create jobs and economic value in France and around the world.

Oxybul has selected a limited number of relevant products in line with its values and high standards, always with a focus on helping children to learn better. The result is a series of fun, educational, user-friendly and safe products that parents will find useful and reassuring.

The brand now offers six smart products bearing the French Tech label as a guarantee of French quality and expertise. With children in mind they are:

  • Managed remotely using a telephone or tablet.
  • Intuitive and adaptable with multiple levels of difficulty.
  • Safe (radio waves are deactivated when the product is not in use).

The following products are currently available:

  • Lunii Story Maker The child creates the stories and chooses the hero, the setting and the adventure. Interactive and intuitive, the story maker then tells the stories the children have created. Watch the video:
  • Two Remi smart monitors With a lullaby function, baby monitor, walkie-talkie and MP3 player, this clever device helps children develop a routine and can be customized using the app.
  • Smart Numbers interactive wooden numbers This smart toy helps children learn how to count. It has 13 different languages to choose from to introduce children to foreign languages and there are three free apps to download to take their learning to the next level.
  • Smart Letters interactive wooden letters Based on the same principle as the previous toy, it helps children learn how to read and write. The child puts one of the 26 wooden letters onto the smart toy and it recognizes them.
  • Smart Kit interactive wooden letters and numbers A great way for children to familiarize themselves with the alphabet and numbers. After learning their shapes and sounds, they move onto addition, subtraction and expanding their vocabulary.

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About La French Tech: the term encompasses anyone involved with a French startup in France or abroad, including entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, developers, large groups, charities, media, public operators and research institutes – all those who contribute to the growth and international reach of startups.

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