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GOOD TIPS: Baby sign language

Why not try a new way to communicate with the family?

As we start week no. 4 of confinement, (re)learning baby sign language can help children and parents connect differently. Children may be surprised at first to see their parents signing like the nursery professionals, but they’ll soon be thrilled to communicate with them in this familiar way.

Baby sign language combined with spoken language has been used at Rigolo Comme La Vie for almost two years now.

Our nursery professionals gradually acquire the skills through training from external specialists and internal communication.

Baby sign language combined with spoken language is a great way to communicate with young children, even if they are not yet speaking. That’s why it’s important to always say the word while signing.

A new video every day helps us stay connected to families and offer parenting support.

#Boiteàoutilsdesparents #Babysign[BABY SIGN] ✋Pour faciliter les échanges avec les enfants, les professionnels des…

Geplaatst door Rigolo Comme La Vie op Maandag 6 april 2020
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