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Oxybul staff spend time with the children at Necker Hospital

Ten staff from Oxybul’s procurement and management control team helped organize a party day for the children in Necker Hospital. Here are some of the highlights!

Every year, Necker Hospital organizes a party for its child patients with the help of volunteers. This day of fun and laughter is designed to put a smile back on the children’s faces and help them forget about their problems.

Watch a video of the event

Last summer Oxybul staff decided to take part in this project on one of their volunteer days. Once a year the ÏDKIDS community gives every employee the opportunity to take a day off to volunteer at a charity so they can actively help children for themselves. This community event ties in nicely with the We Act For Kids ethos.

  • Julien, a buyer at Oxybul, was one of the volunteers: “I enjoyed being out of the office for a day but still being part of an experience focused on play and children. I felt like I was really making a difference and it made me want to do it again in my own time.”
  • Agnès, another of Oxybul’s buyers, also took part: “I really enjoyed this event. It added something special to my everyday job. Our work is all about toys and children, and this day gave us the chance to see how much happiness a toy brings to a child. It also gave us an opportunity to strengthen our relationships with our colleagues.”

The Oxybul team decorated the room and set up the various workshops. There was a tombola and fishing game with Oxybul toys as prizes, a reading corner, a bouncy castle, board games and fashion and make-up workshops! Around 30 children and their parents were welcomed with a snack and a gift bag. They were then shown around the various activities by one of the staff.

We even organized activities in the corridors and hospital rooms so that the children who couldn’t move around could still take part.

All the children finished the day with new toys and big smiles on their faces!

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