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How the ÏDTALENTS referral process is helping the ÏDKIDS foundation!

The ÏDKIDS community launched its ÏDTALENTS referral platform just over a year ago to support its growth and optimize recruitment. It improves the recruitment process – and serves the community!

Because our employees are best placed to be ÏDKIDS community ambassadors and recognize if someone has an affinity with our values of Respect, Sharing and Progress, this platform has proven to be an excellent tool for discovering new talent. This year 15 new staff have been recruited on the recommendation of our employees!

For every successful referral, 150 euros is awarded to the referrer and 150 euros is donated to the ÏDKIDS foundation. So in the past year the ÏDKIDS foundation has received a financial boost of 2,250 euros. We decided to donate this sum to Amitié Partage which is supported by the ÏDKIDS foundation.

The foundation has supported the Roubaix-based charity since 2011, particularly its Love Maille initiative to help women into employment. Twelve mums knit a babywear collection for Jacadi and the profits are given back to the charity to help the women feel more confident about the future and enter vocational training or employment. Since its launch almost 50 women have either found work or enrolled in a vocational training course.

Not only that, our staff also took part in a solidarity day to support the charity. It helps 2,000 families each year by providing them with basic necessities, especially new or second-hand clothing, and the aim of the day was to refurbish the clothes sorting area. Our referral platform is another small way we help those working to assist vulnerable children. It boosts our staff’s motivation tenfold!

  • A word from Céline, HR partner:

“After working in the ÏDKIDS community for four years, I am now HR partner for the head office responsible for our product range. The referral programme has been running for exactly one year. We set it up to deal with the many recommendations we were receiving from our employees on an ad hoc basis. We needed a platform for them to easily view our job postings and submit their applications or recommendations with a reliable and efficient system for following up and responding.

We’ve always preferred this way of recruiting as we believe our employees are best placed to be ambassadors for the company.

And a recommendation is a valuable asset in our business. In France 30% of executives are recruited by recommendation. In the United States it’s the main way of recruiting.

Recommendations also have a positive impact on staff loyalty. Fully 43% of employees recruited via recommendation stay at the company for more than three years versus 14% recruited in the traditional way.

Since the ÏDTALENTS platform was launched, 18 staff have already been recruited for various roles from Digital to Retail. We’re very proud of this success rate!”

The social integration charity supports some of the poorest families in Roubaix by helping individuals and groups find work, providing emergency basics for 600 of the most disadvantaged families, organizing cultural workshops for children and their parents, and supporting older children with their education.

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