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The Collective Lab: a community for growing our brands!

This autumn ÏDKIDS launched a new 2,000-strong volunteer community. Brought together via an online platform, they complete questionnaires, help to design new products, take part in round tables, boost our media impact with their photos and videos, test products and more besides.

ÏDKIDS wanted to listen to its community so that it could continuously improve and ensure that its brands were fully meeting children’s needs.

A year ago a community of customers, experts and employees who wanted to be regularly involved with our brands was created in collaboration with the Design and Social Media departments.

Now the expertise and skills of these volunteers have been leveraged for the benefit of We Act For Kids via an online platform called the Collective Lab.

The Collective Lab is an information-sharing platform built around questionnaires, physical round tables, online forums, product testing and parent reviews.

Volunteers are contacted based on their profile and the age of their children, initially by email and then later on through face-to-face channels such as round tables and interviews. Members are invited to envision the future of our brands and to help design new products that meet their needs.

They also have access to exclusive events and information. For example, they are invited to the Oxybul new product presentation evening at Christmas – a great opportunity for a behind-the-scenes look at one of their favourite brands! As ambassadors for We Act For Kids and key stakeholders in the development of ÏDKIDS, participants are regularly informed of the results of the product testing, questionnaires and activities they take part in.

They are also asked to support some of the work carried out for children’s charities. Recently they helped the Make Someone Smile campaign go viral on social media by posting red nose photos. All profits raised were donated to the Fédération Française des Associations de Clowns Hospitaliers.

The next step is to further strengthen the relationship between our brands and their customers and open up the process to Jacadi, Rigolo Comme la Vie and N’Joy.

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