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How Oxybul is teaching independence through play

Oxybul’s mission is to bring out the best in every child. Let’s take a closer look at one of the brand’s emblems: Léandre the rabbit!

Learning how to get dressed is the first step on a child’s road to independence. The process unfolds between the ages of 1 and 5, with the trickier steps coming towards the end. Like everything else, it depends on the individual child.

Children need practice and guidance to get started. One good way of giving them a helping hand is to use Léandre the rabbit, a multipurpose soft toy created by Oxybul to help little hands learn how to button a jacket, tie laces and a scarf, close a zip, fasten Velcro and so on.

It grows with its owner, changing from a snuggly into a dress-up companion, gradually encouraging children to develop their senses and dexterity. As an added bonus, the different textures and colours help develop children’s sensory awareness. For little ones who prefer dolls there is Lisette, designed in exactly the same way. Thanks to the success of Léandre and Lisette, the brand will develop new multipurpose soft toys in 2018.

Nathalie, toddler toy category manager at Oxybul, fills in the details.

  • How did the idea of a multipurpose soft toy come about?

In the past Oxybul offered customers a fabric dress-up doll designed for little girls. When we decided to expand the range, we wanted to offer two different products: a doll and a rabbit for children aged between 9 months and 5 years that would grow with the child. In the first instance, it’s an easy toy to hold because of its long legs. It helps children gradually improve their dressing skills and eventually becomes a role play companion dressed up in all its accessories.

  • How do Oxybul soft toys help children learn how to get dressed?

Each action (e.g. tying a scarf, fastening a button, putting on a coat, fastening a zip, opening and closing Velcro) requires a different skill. Children become more dexterous as they play.

  • Can you tell us more about the multipurpose soft toys planned for 2018?

Yes! There will be two new toys in the Léandre collection: a Léandre puppet to stimulate language development and communication, and a sensory-musical Léandre. The fabrics and colours are designed for toddlers and the toys will be softer and rounder. They’ll be available in early 2018.

Find out more on the Oxybul website

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