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Private sale in Paris to help the community: mission accomplished!

On Saturday 1 February, almost 70 volunteers, including 30 ÏDKIDS staff, helped organise the first ÏDKIDS Foundation private community sale with Emmaüs Solidarité in Paris. This is their story.

Families from the Emmaüs Solidarité emergency accommodation centre in boulevard Jourdan in Paris’ 14th arrondissement were the first to arrive, looking to provide their children with babywear, clothing and shoes from Obaïbi and Okaïdi and toys from Oxybul. The charity had also invited other families it supports.

In total, almost 500 families came along on Saturday. The 10,000 unsold items donated by the brands taking part were offered at an 80% discount. The aim was to give all these families access to new products for their children.

All the money made from this sale – 17 300 euros – was donated to Emmaüs Solidarité and the charities supported by the ÏDKIDS Foundation. And the last of the unsold products were also donated to Emmaüs Solidarité to help other vulnerable children.

Volunteers from the different ÏDKIDS brands and businesses tell their story:

“After the holidays when everyone thinks about themselves, I wanted to put my energies into helping others. What do I get out of it? I get to feel useful, be part of a cohesive group and share a unique experience that unites more than words. I went home exhausted but lighter of heart! To sum it up in one word: warmth! The warmth of conversation, smiles and a shared experience with colleagues and volunteers from Emmaüs,” attests Sandrine, marketing manager at Oxybul.

“It feels good to be useful,” explains Sophie. “I’m ready to do it all over again!”

“With these community sales, ÏDKIDS gives me the opportunity to act to help people who are really in need. Playing my part makes me feel useful. A great feeling!” confides Kim, Bubble Kids’ editor-in-chief.

“It’s amazing!” enthuses Frédérique, market manager at Jacadi.  “Sharing and giving of yourself are two of the values that motivate me. And what a joy to chat with the families and see their smiles!”

“I am really happy about this experience,” says Ursula, a textile designer. “I’ve been wanting to volunteer my time to a charity like Emmaüs for a long time and help these families.  Giving and receiving are so important!” 

Generosity from mother to son… Kim and her son Noé, 14 years

“Every morning, I ask myself how I can make myself useful to those in need; I think it’s the best way to start the day,” exclaims Aude, market manager at Oxybul. It was a rich, shared experience we will remember forever!”

“I was really happy to be able to feel useful, do something hands-on in a good-humoured way and talk and laugh with the families,” says Laurence, packaging development and coordination manager at Oxybul.

“To me, this day is what our work is all about.  Talking about our WE ACT FOR KIDS values is good but acting on them is even better! It’s a real pleasure to get up in the morning knowing you are there for families and children in need. Especially when you know the hardships they are going through,” explains Julie, an Oxybul store manager.

“There was plenty of good humour from the volunteers and the families. I went home feeling happy that I took part in such a meaningful event,” confirms Stéphanie, who is responsible for the Oxybul newsletter.

“It was a special shared experience,” states Isabelle, communication manager at ÏDKIDS.

“It brought me great joy and gave me real empathy for people who can easily be forgotten when you’re living your day-to-day life,” adds Laetitia, a Jacadi designer.

Till is ready !

“I am already personally involved with various charities. It’s part of my values. And it’s even better when your involvement is part of what your company does; it gives it real meaning. What I took away from the experience was the smiles and kindness of everyone involved in that day”, adds Carole.

Cécile from ÏDKIDS Foundation et Sophie, from Emmaüs Solidarité

“It was a very joyful experience,” declares Cécile, head of the ÏDKIDS Foundation. “Being part of such a meaningful day, meeting new people, sharing conversation and smiles and seeing all the families and their children enjoying the beautiful clothes and new toys.”

Martine, who organised the sale for the ÏDKIDS Foundation, has the final word.

“Thank you to all the volunteers for the help, enthusiasm and energy you showed on Saturday! This sale could not have happened without you.”

Briefing par Martine, sous l’œil de l’abbé Pierre 😉
L’équipe de choc du matin !
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