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Quick interview: the 3 Oxybul essentials to slip into your suitcase

An enlightened selection from Aude, board game product manager at OXYBUL – Early learning and toys 

« For the holidays, I would really recommend travel games: little boxes that fit in easily everywhere. My favourites?

DUO ANIMO : a card game for younger players (aged 3 and above)

  • Thick cards that will cope with every holiday
  • Really simple rules that become more complex as the child grows
  • Really short games that are suited to their attention span
  • And a tiny price: 4.99 euros

T’ES PAS CAP  (Can’t you do it?): THE card game that is aceing it with kids aged 6 and above

  • They play everywhere: in the car, on the plane, on the beach…
  • It’s a cult game of truth or dare: parents are super happy to rediscover the game and pass it on to their kids!
  • Belly laughs guaranteed
  • A real family game 
  • and a tiny price too: 4.99 euros

VALSE AUX MOTS  (Word Waltz): a game of mime and drawing

  • The aim of the game? Get your partner to guess a word by drawing, miming or using synonyms
  • Various levels of difficulty: supporting growing talent!
  • A real multi-generational game: it’s fun for everyone
  • And a rarer attribute: it is multilingual! It’s so cool to play with your cousins from the other side of the world, or discreetly revise your languages!
  • The price? 14.99 euros”

All these games are exclusive to FAMILYBUL, our Talent brand designed to encourage children to play together.

The bonus question for the games expert: What do you do when you’ve forgotten everything and you’re stuck in a traffic jam / train station / airport lounge with kids who are bored senseless?

“You go back to the classics! A little game of “PETIT BAC” (CATEGORIES) always works:

  1. I choose a letter (pointing at a magazine page with my eyes shut for example)
  2. I set 3/4/5/10 categories (animal / colour / clothing / country, etc.)
  3. The first to complete all categories with a word beginning with the chosen letter wins
  4. For a bigger challenge, we use a stopwatch!

Enjoy your holiday games! ”

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