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Already 500,000 user reviews on ConsoBaby!

ConsoBaby offers support and advice to parents and parents-to-be to meet the needs of growing children. Created in 2011, it is the first online digital guide for buying baby products in France.

The ÏDKIDS community and ConsoBaby are both keen to make progress on CSR initiatives around early childhood and parenting, and their offering and business practices complement each other. That’s why they joined forces to develop a community of involved and responsible parents.

The comprehensive online directory lists over 16,000 products for 0-4 year-olds and mums-to-be.  Shoppers have direct access to 45 partner e-commerce sites via the community platform. ConsoBaby only lists products that have been tested and approved by parents for parents.

In addition to user reviews, ConsoBaby boasts a parents’ seal of approval. It is the first independent quality guarantee to help discover the best baby products and the only seal of approval awarded by parents to products for babies and children up to the age of 4.

The ConsoBaby community comprises 256,000 members in France, Spain, Italy, the UK and Germany.

What’s next? Increase the number of third-party brands featured on the website, expand ConsoBaby abroad, offer customers what they need before they know they need it, and strengthen synergies with the other brands in the ÏDKIDS community. So plenty in store for (future) parents and their children!
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