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Join the ÏDTROC movement and get sorting!

ÏDKIDS brands offer their customers a way to contribute to the circular economy. Let’s take a closer look!

ÏDTROC is a free second-hand clothing service for current members of the group’s loyalty programme. ÏDKIDS community stores regularly hold ÏDTROC events selling clothing, books and babycare items to give these products a second life.

During each campaign customers drop off items for the stores to sell. Each brand is responsible for marketing the event, including managing mailing lists, putting up posters in stores and setting up special corners for the sale. All customers dropping off items are given a labelling kit. Once the items are sold, they receive gift vouchers to spend in-store.

This conscientious initiative is an opportunity for our customers to give back to the community, as any unsold items are donated to a charity sponsored by the store in partnership with the ÏDKIDS foundation.

As well as being a socially responsible event, ÏDTROC promotes interaction between customers and the store teams.

  • ÏDTROC in figures

In 2016 more than 41,000 products were given a second life: 65% were resold and 7,300 unsold items were donated to charities supported by the ÏDKIDS foundation.

On average, 98% of customers who donated goods received a 50 euro gift voucher, so they did well for themselves as well as helping the environment!

  • Project history

ÏDTROC was created by Oxybul and was initially called “TROXY Books”. It was held just before the schools went back every year. The initiative grew in 2016 when ÏDKIDS decided to extend this new way of consuming to all its brands in France and abroad. After the book sale, further sales were held for toys, babycare items and clothing (ÏDKIDS, Okaïdi and Jacadi) between June 2016 and June 2017. The success of this trial led to the gradual expansion of the concept. The goal for the ÏDKIDS community is to be a key player in the circular economy and offer responsible methods of consumption to its customers.

Following on from its successful launch, ÏDTROC has become a long-term fixture at ÏDKIDS and a special back-to-school event at Oxybul. The sales are held from 6 to 16 September at Oxybul and from 6 to 30 September in ÏDKIDS stores.


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