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WE ACT FOR KIDS: Oxybul and N’Joy throw Agathe a “nearly normal” birthday party

Agathe is very lucky: her parents had everything for her third birthday on 4 April all planned. The party with the whole family, the cake, the princess cape from Oxybul… Except that a nasty virus showed up !
Happily the ÏDKIDS Team was there !

Family members couldn’t come, Oxybul cancelled the order when the website closed, mum and dad were completely overwhelmed (they both work at the hospital in Lille), and going shopping for toys was out of the question. But then Pauline, Agathe’s mum, sent an email to the Oxybul teams, who were obviously sympathetic.

So they planned a confinement-safe birthday party! Juana from ÏDKIDS Fâches managed to find the last cape in the right size (whew!) and ship it. Julien from N’Joy took care of the activities on Facebook: a fun pirate story with a princess created just for Agathe.
Julien explains :

  • “I talked to Agathe’s mother on the phone. She’s a quiet little girl who loves to hide: that’s why she chose the hooded cape! So I came up with the “Furball” story about a puppet who appears all in black, hidden under her hood. Little by little, as she goes on adventures with Agathe, she starts wearing a beautiful red costume. Since Agathe loves playing hide-and-seek, I hid things all around me that she had to find remotely. Together, we created a little birthday dance. And we ended playing with the camera: revealing/hiding. It works really great with little ones! At the end, she was even showing me how to twirl!

We don’t know if Agathe will remember this birthday, but we’re so proud we could help her celebrate it! And it gave us lots of new ideas… Stay tuned 😉

Julien and Furball, live with Agathe !

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