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Behold Aquabyss, the first Oxybul x N’Joy game

One of N’JOY’s most popular birthday activities, Aquabyss has been released as a board game sold exclusively by Oxybul.

In the game, children must find out who stole the crown of King Bagruche.

They must

  • team up to look for pairs of stars hidden in the house,
  • identify ocean features and creatures,
  • and draw clues to help their friends guess the answer.

And since the ocean is full of surprises, extra challenges are optional to prolong the fun of playing together.

One to try out in the summer holidays!

Want to buy it ? https://www.oxybul.com/fetes-et-anniversaire/jeux-d-anniversaire/jeux-d-animation/jeu-d-enquete-aquabyss/produit/335102

Discover Oxybul : https://www.oxybul.com/

Discover all N’joy BtoC and BtoB offers : https://www.njoy.fr/

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