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Disability and Play: Oxybul’s favourite products for bringing out the best in EVERY child

Play is an essential part of a child’s development. Experts from Oxybul are helping to promote the wellbeing and development of all children by featuring a selection of “favourite” toys on the company’s website suitable for children with disabilities.

These products are not specifically designed for children with disabilities but are selected based on advice from experts (e.g. speech therapists, paediatricians and psychomotor therapists), charities and the parents of disabled children.

The website features more than a hundred products for children aged 0 to 12 that have been tested by one or more children accompanied by their parents or by professionals. The products are reviewed and ranked according to two criteria.

  • By ability: play is an additional way of stimulating children’s senses, exercising their motor skills and developing their ability to communicate. It also encourages them to be imaginative and creative. The aim is to develop their talents while having fun.
  • Or by disability: toys are selected so that children can enjoy playing with them whether they have an intellectual, motor or language disability, autism, or any other type of disability.

As well as the selection of products there is a special “Disability and Play” section on the Oxybul website. It has information on how children develop and acquire new skills, offers practical solutions and, more broadly, helps to create a mutually supportive community by featuring advice and testimonials.

Visit the Disability and Play section

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