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Watch a video of ÏDTROC in action!

Since early 2018 already 80,000 items have been given a second life through ÏDTROC, of which 30,000 unsold and given away!

ÏDTROC is a free second-hand goods service for current members of the group’s loyalty programme. Our brand stores regularly hold ÏDTROC events selling clothing, books and babycare items to give these products a second life.

These events have become staples and symbols of the ÏDKIDS community, with both our staff and customers eagerly looking forward to them. As an example of the circular economy at work, the undertaking is perfectly in line with our We Act For Kids ethos.

To learn all about this great initiative, catch up with the most recent ÏDTROC held in May 2018 at 33 Jacadi, 37 Oxybul and 19 ÏDKIDS stores by hearing from our customers, children and staff!

Thank you and well done to our customers and employees whose time and energy is what makes this a big success!

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