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ÏDKIDS employees raise almost 20,000 euros to educate children in Bangladesh

Making fast work of fundraising: 57 employees from ÏDKIDS head office took part in the Braderie de Lille race to raise money for the foundation. It was a day full of solidarity and sportsmanship.

On 2 September, a group of ÏDKIDS community employees tackled the 10km (41 runners) and half-marathon (16 runners) courses at the Braderie de Lille. Their aim was to raise funds for the foundation to help vulnerable children.

Each runner had to find sponsors from among their friends, family and co-workers who would donate an amount per kilometre (e.g. 50 cents, one/five/ten euros). In addition, ÏDKIDS pledged to double their sponsors’ donations.

The funds raised would go towards financing the education of 11-to-12-year-olds in Dhaka, with one year of education costing 100 euros. This schooling programme, supported by Okaïdi since 2014, has helped to educate children from ten slums in Bangladesh.  

After a sterling group effort, the end result was a healthy 20,276 euros (10,388 euros donated by sponsors and doubled by ÏDKIDS) which will allow 200 children to be educated for a year.

Let’s hear from the day’s heroes

  • Sophie, Okaïdi market manager: “I am definitely not a runner. I don’t run at all! But I enjoy a challenge and being part of a team, so that’s why I took part in this event. I also persuaded my co-workers to join me, as I was sure it would be an unforgettable experience for all of us. For two months we shared details of our respective training sessions (even at the weekend, with a few photos to make it more fun). We pushed ourselves and supported each other. Our team spirit had already kicked in! We all feel so proud of seeing it through to the end!
  • Valérie, digital customer experience director: “Coming together for sport fills you with energy and pride. And running to raise money for educating children gives you wings! You get a real boost from knowing you’re taking concrete steps to change children’s lives. Thanks to my sponsors, my run will help to educate 15 children!
  • Julie, Okaïdi project manager: “I’m a regular runner, but I wanted to go beyond my individual performance and take part in a group race. My ultimate goal was to raise funds for the foundation and help give children an education. It was a chance to do something together for a common cause. The camaraderie and atmosphere were amazing. I can’t wait for the next one!”
  • Sarah, Okaïdi head of communication: “If it hadn’t been for the foundation I would never have registered for this race. But it got me back into running and I’m thrilled about that! It was so well organized, and our supporters rocked. Now I’m registering for other races and the next one’s in November ;).”
  • Stéphanie, management control collections manager: “You’re not just running for yourself but for the children. That’s what got me through the last few kilometres! I would happily do it all again!
  • Cécile, management control manager: “There was a great energy in the company the week before the race. It also gave me the chance to talk to my family and friends about the foundation and its work. And it really brought my team together because we all took part.

 More about the ÏDKIDS foundation

The ÏDKIDS corporate foundation was created when ÏDKIDS decided to combine people power with financial power to generate long-term change. The development, protection and rights of children are at the heart of its activities.

It works in the group’s countries of production to foster the parent-child bond and educate children in the slums, bringing together ÏDKIDS brands and their customers to support the most vulnerable children through a variety of in-store initiatives. It also inspires ÏDKIDS employees to get involved with the group’s partner charities.

The next ÏDKIDS foundation race will be the Urgent Run in Paris on Saturday 18 November.

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