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Acting in the interest of vulnerable children around the world

The foundation was born out of the desire of the ÏDKIDS community, led by its brands, to foster a sense of generosity and advocate positive initiatives to help vulnerable children around the world. The development, protection and rights of children are at the heart of its activities.

Three action areas:

Early childhood and parenting

Birth to age 3 is a pivotal time in a child’s development. The ÏDKIDS.COMMUNITY Endowment Fund supports several initiatives to promote early learning.

Protection and integration

At any point in their lives, children can feel isolated and helpless. The foundation finances projects to protect children’s basic rights.

Education and openness

From age 3, children learn the basics and how to socialize at school. The ÏDKIDS.COMMUNITY foundation supports several projects that emphasize the importance of social skills as much as learning.

Right to school foundation

Act, unite, commit

The ÏDKIDS.COMMUNITY Endowment Fund’s three objectives are:

01 Act for the most vulnerable families in the group's countries of production

In addition to the commercial relationships that connect us with our countries of production, we invest locally and in the long term to support the most vulnerable families and uphold children’s rights. For years, the Endowment Fund  has worked with partner NGOs such as Inter Aide, Grameen Shikkha and BICE who take care of families’ basic needs: health, education and the protection of children.

In the group’s countries of production, such as India, Madagascar, Bangladesh and China, the Endowment Fund  finances schooling and healthcare programmes that enable the most vulnerable children to receive an education and access to medical care. The Endowment Fund  also helps projects to become sustainable and autonomous.

The ÏDKIDS community has set up a social business in Bangladesh to improve employment opportunities for women and schooling for children in slums. Find out more

02 Unite around our brands’ commitments

The Endowment Fund has created a wide collaborative network engaged in social projects. It brings together a number of stakeholders led by the brands from the ÏDKIDS community. Each stakeholder puts child-centred initiatives at the heart of their business.

  • For 20 years Okaïdi has endeavoured to promote children’s rights, sport and music.
  • Obaïbi, Rigolo Comme La Vie and Bubble support early childhood projects and parenting.
  • Jacadi supports projects that focus on heritage, family ties and culture.
  • Oxybul develops projects on early learning, education and talent development, especially for the most vulnerable children (‘Disability and Play’ network).

03 Commit to maximizing the worldwide impact of the Endowment Fund's We Act For Kids initiative

  • Our own staff lead the way, especially those participating in the employee volunteer programme.
  • Our customers are increasingly willing to take action when asked to by our brands.
  • Other stakeholders including franchisees, partners and suppliers.

“We created the foundation to allow every member of the ÏDKIDS community to fully embrace the selfless nature of We Act For Kids.”

Jean Duforest and Jean-Luc Souflet
Founders and leaders of the ÏDKIDS community

  • The Okworld fond’actions charity is established.

  • Okworld becomes a corporate foundation.

  • The Oxybul Eveil et Jeux foundation comes on board.

  • The employee volunteer platform is launched.

  • Okworld becomes the ÏDKIDS corporate foundation.

  • The Foundation becomes the ÏDKIDS COMMUNITY "Fond'action".

To successfully fulfil its We Act For Kids objectives,
the foundation depends on three resources:

01 Funding

The company can fund the foundation because of its strong financial performance. The brands, their customers and their employees are at the front line of the foundation’s activities. Other foundations and partner brands that share the values of We Act For Kids co-finance projects to benefit vulnerable children.

02 Equipment

Brands from the ÏDKIDS community make annual donations of clothing, toys and babycare accessories. These donations are distributed by Dons Solidaires and other charities that assist vulnerable families.

Charitable donations for families


03 People

As the vanguard of the ÏDKIDS community, staff can take part during working hours in activities that benefit children through the employee volunteer programme. Some also volunteer to help organizations supported by the foundation in their own time. Our other stakeholders are right by their side, regularly taking action that makes a difference:

  • Our franchisees involve our customers in the foundation’s campaigns with boundless energy.
  • Our suppliers play their part too, as in Bangladesh where we were able to set up a social business to finance a school for 1,500 children in a Dhaka slum by reselling surplus product from one of our key suppliers.
  • Our customers are eager to help, with more than 550,000 taking part in mini-donation drives in 2016. Their generosity meant that in 2016 we were able to donate 85,000 euros to Magic Place projects run by the Fondation Chemins d’Enfances (‘play and learn’ workshops for children in temporary accommodation) and to Ninsun Project (for its videos promoting the inclusion of children with autism in mainstream schools). They also never fail to buy the exclusive Jacadi Christmas plush toy every year with part of the proceeds donated to SOS Children’s Villages.

Thank you to all our customers who continue to inspire us so much with their generous contributions to our donation campaigns and charity drives. Let’s keep on making a difference!

2018 key figures
50 000

children helped
around the world


charities and NGOs supported

155 000

Red Noses sold in “Make Someone Smile” campaign

3 100 000 €

ÏDKIDS donations, of which €1,900,000 product donations

300 000 €

donated to charities
thanks to mini-donations made by our customers all over the world

Breakdown of donations in 2018
1 900 000 € Product donations
310 000 € ÏDKIDS monetary donations
300 000 € Customer mini-donations
310 000 € Brand and ÏDKIDS monetary donations
130 000 € Skills-based volunteering
Employee volunteers
Taking part makes a world of difference

Children’s educational foundation

Any employee in the ÏDKIDS community who wants to be involved can be. The company and the foundation have come up with a variety of activities for those who want to donate their time. Any employee can:

  • Take part in a solidarity day (the group gives one day off a year for this).
  • Sponsor a charity project (as a special representative).
  • Be the “eyes on the ground” on a business trip. Witness first-hand the activities supported by the foundation and its partner charities in our countries of production.
  • Become a brand ambassador on behalf of the foundation.

The number of employee volunteers continues to increase each year. Among them are shop, logistics and head office staff in France and abroad. In 2016, more than 2,000 of them offered their time, talent and energy to We Act For Kids to help vulnerable children.

Making a difference in 2017:

28 charity sponsors
20 foundation ambassadors
500 employee runners and sponsors helping to educate children in Bangladesh
550 employees involved in volunteer days in 2017
18 countries involved in the Make Someone Smile campaign through their stores and employees

Read testimonials from ÏDKIDS employees who took part in a project or volunteer day to help children.

Ludopital Solidarity Day I was impressed by how many toys came in Isabelle Anton
ÏDKIDS CSR manager
Amitié Partage Solidarity Day It was a real pleasure to be a part of this with the charity Caroline Tellier
ÏDKIDS internal relations manager
Coeur de Cité Solidarity Day It gives meaning to the word “solidarity” Isabelle Régent
Okaïdi market manager