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Okaïdi runs a mini-donation campaign to help Sport dans la Ville

From 20 February to 12 March 2018 Okaïdi made a generous community gesture by asking its customers to round up their total spend to the nearest euro to support Sport dans la Ville.

Sport ties in nicely with Okaïdi’s mission to encourage every child to be self-motivated, happy and responsible. It is a fulfilling activity for children as it helps them to assert themselves, express their identity and achieve their goals. It is also an energetic pursuit that instils the joy of playing together through the values of cooperation and teamwork.

Okaïdi has supported Sport dans la Ville for the past three years to help children and to work with them. The charity promotes professional integration through sport and is the leading organization of its kind in France. It is helping 6,000 young people to integrate socially and in the workplace by playing an active role in their progression and personal development. To make itself more relevant to young people and build their trust, the charity goes to meet them in their own neighbourhood and organizes activities for them there.

Continuity and long-term support (from age 6 to 25) is a key factor in the programme’s success. Its goal is to help young people build their self-confidence and the values that are important to their future success, such as respect, commitment, an open mind, perseverance, high standards and a strong work ethic.

Watch the charity’s video

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