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BACKSTAGE: Putting safety first!

We’re now five days and counting from opening our stores in France. The offices in Guersant and Roubaix are working with Bureau Veritas to get ready.

Working from home will of course continue as part of our “new normal” until further notice, so not everyone will be putting these measures into practice anytime soon. But as a precaution, we want our teams to be informed about all new safety-related processes.

In short, the key principles are for everyone to:

  • wash their hands when they arrive
  • follow all safety precautions and physical distancing measures
  • clean their desk before starting work
  • limit movements in the workplace

Today, in Guersant and Roubaix, staff were hard at work securing the facilities and filming video tutorials.
This is what you can expect to see:

In Guersant :

In Roubaix :

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