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ÏDKIDS raises its logistics game

Our progressive approach needs our business to be involved at every level. This includes our logistics centres. We are always looking for ways to improve. Our new logistics system for shipping boxes packs a punch!

Packaging is a core component of logistics as every product has to be packed and transported throughout its life cycle from production to distribution to the end user. Soon some new packaging machines will be appearing in our facilities.

  • Carton erectors

The boxes start off flat and are erected by a machine that can produce 900 an hour. The machine saves time and money by making the production process more efficient and reducing the cost of production. It also improves the working conditions for the operators because it is easy to use and the boxes are placed directly on the pallet.

  • Automated volume reduction system

We went with the I-pack® system, an automated packaging solution that reduces shipping volume. After measuring the height of its contents, the box is automatically folded to the correct height and closed with a lid.

Each box is exactly the right height for its contents (max. 350mm—min. 150mm—differential 200mm).

See how it works

An added bonus for the logistics teams is that these boxes have no upper flaps and don’t need to be taped, which reduces the repetitive movements that can cause muscular-skeletal disorders. Another advantage is that it avoids waste by optimizing volumes. These changes help us to reduce transport costs by handling more goods while volumes stay the same and the products are safe and secure for their entire journey.
Ergonomic, economical and environmentally-friendly, this system is up and running at our Dagneux logistics hub and will be operational at our warehouse in Leers by the middle of April.
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