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1st sister brand operation for Absorba, Oxybul, Catimini and Consobaby

What is a sister brand operation? And why is this good news? We’ve got all the answers!

Partners for 3 seasons already, Absorba and JOLIBUMP, the environmentally-friendly brand for mums-to-be, launched a competition from 17th to 31st March.  To boost their visibility but most importantly a key recruitment campaign for Absorba.

At 70 years old, Absorba first developed its wholesale* business before launching its own online store 2 years ago.


A complete tool was launched on social media for this operation with:

  • A super prize: a mother-baby maternity bag worth over €460 and Absorba vouchers.
  • An influence campaign: 7 pregnant influencers, one very powerful, @madameSantoro (505K@), and 6 micro influencers such as @clanantaise, @deux_joliesbulles, @elisebgn, @coline.schl… will promote the brand, products and competition over the coming days.
  • AND ABOVE ALL, there is support from sister brands Oxybul, Catimini and Consobaby!

What does a sister brand do?
The main advantage of a community of brands like ÏDKIDS is the possibility of boosting the renown and reputation of other brands.

For this operation, Oxybul, Catimini and Consobaby provided Absorba with space in their newsletters and/or on their homepage, promoting the competition to their entire customer base.

Which represents a potential source of qualified data and customer contacts.

And the icing on the cake: Absorba is also launching its first collection of Instagram GIFs! A complete collection of little animated images to stick on photos before posting them on your Instagram feed.

*Wholesale means product distribution to multibrand retailers: independent stores, department stores, concept stores and also online stores. The brand that chooses wholesale distribution will not sell their product to the end-customer but to another distributor.

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