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Jacadi X Maisonette.com

News fromJacadi US which has signed a partnership withMaisonette.com
What is Maisonette? What is different about this partnership? Before the official launch on 17th November, Julie Bourgeois,Jacadi US Director, explains everything to us.

What is Maisonette.com?

It’s an online marketplace founded by 2 young Mums, Sylvana Ward Durrett and Luisana Mendoza Roccia, who used to be editors at Vogue US and sells high-quality and original brands all in one place.
The website is renowned for its children’s fashions in the US and greatly appreciated by parents looking for new brands.
Kids’ clothes (baby and children), accessories, toys, books, costumes, soft toys and even a home range (beds, linen, furniture, interior decoration)… It’s a real one-stop shop!

Why did you choose Maisonette?

Maisonette has a high-end position that corresponds with what we’re looking for for Jacadi in the US.
The aim is to win new customers, first and foremost.

It is an opportunity to raise our profile and improve our credibility through our presence alongside very well-reputed brands.

How will this marketplace operate?

We will use drop shipping. It’s a type of shipping directly from the store but with an extra intermediary; the customer orders from Maisonette, the order is transferred to the store which prepares and ships the goods. We manage our inventory on the platform provided by Maisonette: Mirakl (the latest sensation in French tech).
For the launch, the Brooklyn store will be managing these orders. The other 9 stores continue to ship from store as normal.

Is there another reason behind this partnership?

Yes, later with the roll-out of mixed baskets, we can also study customer behaviour by analysing which brands Jacadi is associated with. With this information, we can precisely tailor our position and our advertising to the customer.

A mine of precious information just before we launch our loyalty card!

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