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GOOD NEWS Jacadi Web: “We really feel they were waiting for us!”

The first immediate feedback from Delphine Audibert, Jacadi Digital Director, after the reopening of all the brand’s websites: Italy yesterday, and France, USA, Germany, UK, Belgium and Spain today (16/04/2020).

“Already last week, Jacadi was among the top brands for searches for children’s clothing in Google Topics France (the ranking of most popular topics).

And the many customers who visited jacadi.fr when we opened at 12pm today confirmed their excitement: 68 orders were placed without our communicating on the opening at all.  Average baskets were 50% bigger than usual, and transformation rates were double!

This is a very good sign going forward: we really feel they were waiting for us!

The volumes are so high that we’re suspending the e-shop in France at 6pm tonight, and other countries tomorrow morning, to give our logistics teams who are working with reduced staff numbers enough time to process these orders.

So, in the digital team, we’ll be shifting our efforts tomorrow to creating new digital services for our shops: to be able to pay remotely, buy via phone, etc.

And we’ll see everyone again Monday morning at 10 am sharp when the e-shops reopen! 😉

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