Launched in September 2022, the oxybul.cz website has just completed a very satisfactory first Christmas season. Launched by a partner who is a fan of the brand, the site offers 100% of the Talent brands, Oxybul’s own brands. And this is just the beginning. Emilie Worth, International Development Manager explains:

  •  How did you meet these new partners? 

Fanny and Pavel Binovec came to us! Fanny is French and a complete Oxybul fan, Pavel is Czech. They had long harboured a dream of developing Oxybul in the Czech Republic. After an initial project for a physical store, they finally decided to launch a digital store first. We worked together and their website oxybul.cz was launched in September 2022 with the support of the Oxybul digital teams. 

  • An Oxybul-only site? 

100% Talent brands! Following the success of the first sales in September and October, our decoration range was launched in November and extended in early 2023 after a very successful test. 

  • Does the brand only exist on the web?

And social networks! Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for the time being. 

  • And is it successful? 

Yes, it’s the beginning of a great success story. They had a fantastic Christmas campaign. At the moment, they order every two weeks through our dedicated partner order portal (launched at the same time as their website). They are lucky to have a delivery time from France of just 2 days. They have a local warehouse, and oversee deliveries to their customers. The first indicators are very positive: an average item basket of 1.6, for an average amount of 44€. The turnover trend is consolidating with January already representing more than half of December, whereas Fanny and Pavel had budgeted for a very quiet month!

  • What is the market potential? 

Quite good: there are few competitors. And Czech parents are very sensitive to the idea of learning through play. No other brand brings together a whole range of products focused on children’s development and growth. 

  • What’s next? 

Obviously they are thinking about opening a store in 2023! And I think, given the digital-only start to Christmas 2022, they really have the potential. They are also considering targeting countries near the Czech Republic with their website (Slovakia in particular). 

So watch this space!

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