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Two new Okaïdi retail sites join the ÏDKIDS web platform

On 18 July, the Okaïdi Belgian and Italian websites joined Spain and France on a user-friendly platform optimized for mobile use.

In just two months, seven websites have now migrated from the old Magento platform to the new web platform.

Objectives of the exercise:

  • to enable every country to have an identical platform that:
    • performs more effectively,
    • is more stable,
    • tracks performance more efficiently,
    • allows for continuous improvement,
  • gives customers an optimized, unified experience that is:
    • faster
    • more reliable
    • more user-friendly
    • designed for mobile use
    • a more modern design.

This change of platform introduced by okaïdi.fr in July 2018 increased:

  • the number of mobile site visitors and the quality of their experience,
  • the number of list pages and products viewed on mobiles,
  • the number of items added to baskets on both mobiles and desktops,
  • the number of orders placed by mobile.

All these developments are intended to support our customers’ increasing interest in mobile websites.

Meeting the challenge was made possible by the sustained effort of a multi-disciplinary team for more than a year: digital/web marketing specialists, e-merchandisers, AMOA, UX and SEO project managers, web traffic specialists, web IT Paris, back-office IT Roubaix, CRM, accounting, logistics, treasury, legal, transport and hard-working country representatives.

See you in September for the next phase: the launch of the German retail site.

Okaïdi in Belgium:

Okaïdi in Italy : https://www.okaidi.it/

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