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Joyvox releases Zanimomusic Babies

Following on from the success of Zanimomusic 1 and 2, the Joyvox music label is releasing Zanimomusic Babies, featuring 12 bilingual and sensory nursery rhymes for little ones.

The album has been created by two teachers from the Marie Jaëll Montessori Association: Isabelle Palombi and Anna Cavazza.

The nursery rhymes promote musical sensibility and good listening and motor skills. The music and lyrics are accompanied by movements that are easy to copy and remember.

This allows children to experience the songs physically and make them part of their everyday life.

The nursery rhymes come with an English version so that children can familiarize themselves with the musicality of the language.

A valuable educational tool for early childhood professionals and parents keen to help their babies discover the world around them, Zanimomusic Babies offers young listeners a tailored 5-minute play session per nursery rhyme.

Published by Joyvox and available from all good bookshops, Oxybul, ÏDKIDS and streaming platforms from 9 July 2019.

Click here to listen to extracts in French or English and find out more about the album and its performers: https://www.joyvox.fr/fr/album/zanimomusic_babies

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