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Interview of Kenneth W. Norgaard, BabySam CEO, 6 month after his Oxybul’s launching in Danemark

Last september 2019, Oxybul brand was launched in Danemark by BabySam, THE local leader for Baby market. 6 month after, Kenneth W. Nørgaard, BabySam CEO in Danemark, first international retail of Oxybul answers to our questions.

1) How did you discover Oxybul

We did a little bit of “dating” with ÏDKIDS back in early 2017 and upon one of our visits to France we were introduced to the Oxybul brand. With a background from Hamleys (at that time owned by Ludendo), I instantly recognized a strong identity within the Oxybul brand and a very strong classic, yet fun and inspirational range of products.  

2) Why did you add it to your offer ?

With a very strong position in Denmark (market leader) for Baby, Toddler and Pre-school products BabySam had been on the lookout for a strong product line to position our Toys category with a strong position in; Educational and Developing toys for kids in the different ages group and the different need for skills development. Here we found Oxybul to have a superior range of products and again the strong identity behind the brand, which was almost the exact same we had defined for our toy category.

3) How did your consumer perceive and appreciate Oxybul products ? 

Consumers have been very open to the brand and to some extent also the story behind. French Toy Brands have long been popular in Denmark thus it was not that hard a sell to understand the quality and functionality behind the product ranges.

“From the first week of trading Oxybul have been #1 or #2 brand in toys and growing according to plan the first 4 months so far.”

4) Is there an Oxybul “star” product on your market ? What makes its success ?

Not surprisingly “babies first telephone” has been a #1 product since day one. In my experience keys and phones have always been a very successful product to babies and toddlers – why? Well because they replicate what their parents do and today the phone is present like never before.

5) According to you, what makes the difference of Oxybul  ? What is its key added value ? 

I think they key differentiator for Oxybul is the commitment to focus on the development need of the children in combination with strong line of “Ever Green” products as well as introducing new and exciting products. The identity of the brand is more relevant than ever and I particularly love that the products have not been changed to reflect the more dim colors of past years fashion – but kept delivering on what functionalities and colors aid the child in its development. Next phase of added value will be delivering even stronger on the environmental aspects of the products – here again – I see both the Oxybul brand and the whole DNA of ÏDKIDS as a lighthouse in a global perspective. This will hopefully continue to develop and inspire us to move forward faster and with more impact.

6) What is the next step for Oxybul and Baby Sam ? 

The journey has just begun and the journey is far more interesting than the final destination! There are some many opportunities for us to develop the partnership and learn how to drive the Oxybul brand even better on a store by store level. We still have to be even better on the entire in-store experience, training of staff and finding the right way of promoting the brand and deliver promotions to consumers. We have only just begun and I am confident that we can build a solid position and joint successful business over the next years. Personally my vision is that, in the foreseeable future, we will test a stand alone format as a part of our branding of Oxybul in Denmark. Time will tell and exciting times ahead for sure.


Read more about Oxybul : https://www.oxybul.com/

Read more about BabySam : https://www.babysam.dk/

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