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Good World: working together to make a better world

Because it takes just one good idea to change the world, Okaïdi and Good World listen to children and help them implement projects that will improve the world around them.

Okaïdi is stepping up to help children come up with ideas to change the world for the better. Every year a panel of judges meets to decide which ventures they will help to implement. A way of making it clear to younger generations that good ideas can make a difference.

By taking part in Good World, children or groups of children can put forward an idea to improve daily life in their city, their country or the world.

Using the platform children can:

  • Submit projects, individually or as a group, with a socially relevant theme.
  • View projects carried out by children all over the world for inspiration.
  • Find out about charities and NGOs they could partner with to implement their project.

In 2014, 13-year-old Maeva decided to organize a clothing collection at her school. Okaïdi helped her put it together and drop off the donated clothing at Restos des Bébés.

In 2015, 8-year-old Yuna wanted to arrange a treasure hunt and rubbish collection drive at the beach. Thanks to Good World, she and her classmates spent an educational day picking up rubbish and finding out more about ocean ecology with Surfrider.

The following themes have been chosen this year, all in line with Okaïdi’s values:

  • GOOD NATURE: environmental projects.
  • GOOD DIVERSITY: projects focusing on community living.
  • GOOD GENEROSITY: projects focusing on solidarity.
  • GOOD ENERGY: sporting projects.
  • GOOD CREATIVITY: art and music projects.
  • GOOD CURIOSITY: educational projects.

The projects are judged on the following criteria:

  • Feasibility: is the idea technically, financially and legally viable for Good World?
  • Responsibility: is the idea true to the values of Good World and the chosen themes?
  • Universality: does the venture benefit individuals and groups?
  • Involvement: is the venture undertaken solely by a child or group of children?

 The five most popular projects in each category will be assessed by a panel of judges comprising Cécile Delivre (head of the ÏDKIDS foundation), Okaïdi employees, children from We Are World Citizens, CATS, Surfrider and Play Bac. Once deliberations are complete, one venture from each category will be selected and given help and funding of 3,500 euros by Okaïdi or the ÏDKIDS foundation, depending on the theme.

Children can submit their projects between 20 November 2017 and 9 March 2018. The judges will deliberate between 13 and 20 March 2018 when the six winning projects will be announced.

And the great ideas submitted via the Good World platform will all have the opportunity to spread their positive influence!

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